Nurturing the New Mother. 

According to acupuncturists Daoshing Ni and Jessica Chen in Sitting Moon: A Guide to Natural Rejuvenation After Pregnancy a significant amount of women’s health concerns including depression, headaches, prolapsed organs, incontinence and menstrual complications occur because of improper postpartum care. 

I work to change that.

Postpartum support can look very different depending on what each woman wants to get out of our time together. My offerings always include holding space while you emotionally, spiritually, and physically transition into motherhood. I provide a buffer from all of the voices coming in, and you truly feel you have someone invested in this journey with you. Although short, the postpartum time is filled with great intensity and massive adjustment. I provide many nurturing services during the postpartum time including, belly binding, closing of the bones, herbal bath, massage, postpartum vaginal-steaming, lactation education, and warming ayurvedic soups. Services can be chosen a la carte or packaged for ultimate healing. I am a maternal and newborn care professional practicing a holistic care paradigm. My sole purpose is to serve a newborn mother and baby. 



Postpartum Support





Melanie did such an amazing job.

“Having her there was the best decision and it definitely made our loooooong birth a little less stressful.”

— B.L

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

"We knew from the first meeting we wanted to have Melanie at our birth. Postpartum I could not have imagined having anyone else. She was a gift in our lives and I couldn't be happier to have met and worked with Melanie."

— L.C.


She helped make our natural birth experience a success and a joy!

"We had a wonderful experience having Melanie as our Doula. She provided sound advice and helpful recommendations that really helped my girlfriend and I gain more and more confidence as things came up throughout the pregnancy."  

— J.R.




Ancient Wisdom. Modern Support.