“The biggest take away I had with her is when she told me, ‘for every baby that is born a new mom is born also.’"

I feel that the universe brought me to Melanie. After having my second daughter the post partum depression hit right away and hit very hard this time around. A good friend put me in contact with her and she made herself available to talk with me right away. The biggest take away I had with her is when she told me, "for every baby that is born a new mom is born also." That hit home with me, something I never really realized during this whole thing. I judged myself so hard before talking to her. Kept questioning how I was going thru this again and why. Melanie told me to observe my thoughts the next time they came up instead of judging them. I started to do that with reminding myself that although this was my second time around I'm still a new mom with a brand new baby I know nothing about. Thank you Melanie so much for all the light and love you shined into my life that night.

— C.C

“You will always be a special part of our lives.”

Having your help, care, and encouragement through a difficult situation made a tremendous difference that we can't imagine what it would have been like without you there. Every step (and minute) of the way through labor, you knew exactly what was needed and could not have been more attentive. Thank you for also making a separate trip on Mother's Day to save the day-you are selfless and clearly care about your clients. We love how passionate you are about your work. You will always be a special part of our lives."

— T.E.

“I am so glad we had her there.”

Melanie was a dream to work with. She was available for me at any time, was very kind and sensitive, and made the birth experience such an amazing time for myself, husband and baby. She stayed with us after the birth and held my hand (figuratively and literally) through the birth experience before and after. I didn't want to have a lot of people present so she and my husband were the only people there at the birth of our baby, ane I am so glad we had her there. She took beautiful photos of the birth that still make me cry when I look at them, and still checks up on us even now 3 months postpartum. She is a joy, and wonderful spirit, and genuinely put all she had into our time together. I would use her again without hesitation, and can't thank her enough. 

— L.C.


"Since giving birth, Melanie has been so supportive and her loving, caring energy during this first month with my newborn has kept me feeling centered, capable and strong."

— C.S.


Her support, encouragement and counsel after birth meant the world to me

"Melanie had several other tools to help me get through the labor pains. Not only was she great on the day of labor, she  also provided a tremendous amount of support prior to and after birth. Her support, encouragement and counsel after birth meant the world to me. Being a new mom can be confusing, frustrating and exhuasting. Melanie was there for us in so many ways and continued to follow up months after my delivery. I highly recommend Melanie if you are looking for a doula who is compassionate and caring, while also being strong and confident."

— A.A.


Melanie ended up being an indispensable gift to my labor and birth.”

My husband and I hired Melanie as our doula after interviewing two others. The other doulas were lovely and experienced, but what drew us to Melanie was her calm, connected demeanor. From our initial meeting, I could tell Melanie was passionate about supporting mothers and their partners, and is deeply in love with pregnancy, motherhood, and childrearing. Melanie ended up being an indispensable gift to my labor and birth. She assisted us for about 16 hours of my homebirth, offering encouraging words, quiet space, massage, temporary relief for my husband, sips of water and coconut water for hydration, and whatever else it was that I might need in the moment, without even having to ask for it. I cannot imagine having had the peaceful, successful birth of my dreams without Melanie. I high recommend Melanie's doula services! 

— E.H.

“It's her passion.”

I was pregnant with my third child, but it was my first American baby, so I was really really nervous about having a baby in a foreign country. Until I found Melanie...
She helped me draft my first birthplan ever and patiently explained every single detail to consider.What I really love about Melanie is her never ending energy. I was in labor for 30h, during that time she gave me all her power, physically as well as emotionally. She always has the right words and a smile for you when you need one. I never felt lost or alone, because she always had the perfect idea to go forward throughout birth. And though the birth was hard and long we had a great time and lots of fun.You can definitely feel that this is not only a job, it's more than that... It's her passion!

— S.L.


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