Join Us

As we gather in circle to explore the heart and soul along the journey of becoming a mother!

Wednesday Evenings in Laguna Hills 7:00pm-8:30pm. First series begins July 17, 2019 and runs for four weeks.

This group is for expectant mothers to come together to prepare, through witnessing and exploration, for the transition of welcoming a child. Led by Melanie Smith, doula and postpartum expert, and Chrissy Follis, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in birth and the postpartum period, participants will gain insight, support, community, tools and resources to confidently navigate through the often loaded experience of becoming a mother.

The four class topics include exploring both the emotional and physical changes of becoming a mother, creating your emotional birth plan, the impact of a new baby on your relationship to self and partner, and exploring the sacredness of the fourth trimester. (Partners are invited to join in the last two classes).

This will be an invaluable time of community with women as we create the space for nurturing and tending to the mother within.